Nordic bath

The Nordic bath, also called a Nordic spa, bath or Scandinavian spa, is a round-shaped wooden outdoor pool, the water in which is heated (traditionally with a wood-burning stove). The water is very hot, between 37 and 40°C. The Nordic bath comes straight from the Scandinavian countries. There, a tradition is to take a hot bath in the open air, you can stay a few seconds in the cold or in a bath of ice cold water.

The benefits of the Nordic bath

Using a hot tub offers many benefits. The very hot water invites relaxation and relaxation of body and mind. Indeed, the heat of the water makes it possible to: relax the muscles, relieve joints and muscle tension and reduce stress. Enough to boost your morale and bring you more vitality!
As you know, the use of the Nordic bath in the Finnish or Swedish tradition aims to alternate hot and cold baths. This provides other benefits, just as interesting!
Indeed, starting with a hot bath allows you to warm your body, open the pores of the skin, release toxins and of course relax deeply. Then, immersing in cool or temperate water (for a few seconds) tightens pores, gives more elasticity and firmness to the skin and eliminates toxins. This practice also acts on blood circulation and stimulates blood flow.